Love Your Core And Pelvic Floor Workshop 24th February 2018 2:00 PM - 24th February 2018 4:00 PM The Healthy Living Company, 92-96 Northease Drive, Hove, BN3 8LH Map


£25.00 Per person

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Love Your Core And Pelvic Floor Workshop

During this interactive workshop you will learn how to effectively restore the optimal functioning of your core and pelvic floor no matter your age or condition.

You will understand what your pelvic floor looks like, what it does, and how it works. You will learn how it integrates with the whole body, how posture and breathing play a major role, and why we need a strong (but not too strong) pelvic floor.

There will be practical exercises so that you can put all your new-found knowledge into action and go away knowing where your pelvic floor is and how to engage it.

What to wear
Loose comfortable clothing is preferable. There is no expectation for you to reveal your belly.

What to bring
All equipment is provided. Please just bring some water to drink.

Who can attend?
It is suitable if you are pregnant and have had your 12-week scan.

If you have had your baby you should be at least six weeks postnatal (8-10 weeks post caesarean birth) with no infection or bleeding.

You will benefit at any stage after birth, even if you had your babies years ago.

Or you are someone who is just interested in their body and improving its function. Or you love running and other high impact sports and want to look after your body.

About Rebecca
Rebecca is a prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist. She is one of only 13 certified MUTU PROs in the UK and is also a fully qualified STOTT Pilates instructor.

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